Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha

Benefits-of-wearing-rudraksha 1 benefits of wearing rudraksha Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha Benefits of wearing rudraksha 1

Benefits of Wearing Rudraksha

Benefits-of-wearing-rudraksha 1 benefits of wearing rudraksha Benefits Of Wearing Rudraksha Benefits of wearing rudraksha 1 300x213

Has been in use as an Ayurvedic medicine and finds mention in several books for herbal reparations both as a preventive and as a curative medicine. The leaves & outer skin of the fruit has several medicinal values and normally the local people of the area where these trees grow, make use of these by boiling them in water and drinking the water in case of fever, cough or cold. The leaves have antibacterial properties and are used in treating wounds. They are also taken orally to cure headache, migraine and mental disorders and for the treatment of epilepsy.It is listed as a medicinal product in Indian Materia Medica.

As is widely known, a man’s health can be properly maintained by balancing vaat (wind), pitta (bile) and kaf (phlegm) and without having to resort to allopathic medicines and thus protecting from their side effects. As rudraksha influences the mind through its subtle electro-magnetic properties, many diseases can be cured using it.

Vaatpitta and kaf get regulated when a person’s thought process is streamlined. This is possible as one becomes fearless and calms down and maintains a stable mind. A stable mind makes the body strong, which in turn wards off diseases.


Rudraksha may be having its effect in the following manner:

  1. The subtle acupressure exerted on the body through the beads. The most advanced electro acupressure techniques developed in China, Western Europe or the USA too adopts similar techniques. The modern gadgetry of acupressure can hardly match the natural characteristics of Rudraksha because wherever the beads touch the body, continuously for several hours a day, which make both the mind and body to function properly.
  2. Medicine cure illnesses more effectively when the patient has confidence in the doctor or on the medicine. Faith healing can take place only when one develops an inner confidence. Rudraksha is superior to any other form of natural healing as it is without any side effects. One does not require any special regulator or special training to wear or use Rudraksha Most importantly, this is the only healing technique, which uses spirituality in its most flexible form.
  3. Research: There are a few published and unpublished research works on Rudraksha showing its effectiveness as a medicine. For example, tests carried out, at the University of Mumbai have established its positive impact on intelligence and memory and on cardio vascular disorders. There is ample scope for the bead to be used as an ingredient in making several herbal medicines. Experiences of local residents of the areas where Rudraksha trees are found, have indicated that the most profound usage of this tree and the bead has been on mind-related disorders and in the control of blood pressure. Unfortunately, these beneficial aspects have never got noticed because the bead became a symbol of spirituality and its uses remained limited.
  4. Pauranic Reference: Our ancient scriptures mention the bead is useful for several ailments.


Raj Nighantu: Rudraksha is acidic and warm and controls vaat and kaf It removes headache, cures mental diseases.

Nepali NighantuChandra Nighantu: Rudraksha belongs to Lord Neelkantha (Shiva) it is pure and destroys ghosts (all evil things). It is also known as SharvakshaShivakshaShivarpnya and Haraksha.

Shaligram Nighantm: Properties described are similar to Raj Nighantu.

Swasth Vritta: Rudraksha is a good antidote for fever, vaat and pitta, for stomach disorders, mental imbalance, blood pressure, liver and breathing related disorders.

Draga Gun Vigyan: Rudraksha is good for curing body swellings, infection, mental disorders, insomnia, headache, stress and for mental peace. It regulates blood flow and cures liver disorders. It is also extremely good for controlling blood pressure, breathing problems and problems of the heart.

Ras Yog Sagar: The beads are good for blood pressure, heart diseases and mental disorders.

Abhinava Nighantu: Rudraksha has heat-generating quality and is good as a remedy for poison and for diseases of children.

Vana Aushadhi Chandrodaya: Rudraksha is effective in the treatment of cancer, skin problems and tuberculosis. The bead should be boiled in water and the concentrated form of this water should be consumed or taken in powdered form along with honey or a paste which can be made by rubbing the bead against a hard and clean surface, which can then be consumed by the patient.

Bhav Prakash: It explains various uses of shell (skin) of the bead for mental illness.

Rudraksha beads can be put in water that is meant for regular drinking purposes. Preferably, a mud pot can be used to soak the beads overnight and this is recommended for use in summer. When this water is consumed regularly in the morning on an empty stomach, it is found to control blood pressure and heart problems.

Wearing of five mukhi rudraksha is considered good for heart diseases and the beads are recommended to be worn in red thread and should touch the skin over the heart. The beads are also found to be very effective in treating insomnia, liver diseases, migraine and mental disorders.

In many of the references, it is recommended to take rudraksha in powder form twice a day and one time quantity is about 300 milligrams. The recent study done at University of Mumbai too, the recommended dosage was almost the same.

Recent studies show that wearing rudraksha changes the aura of a person and this may lead to some changes in his or her physical condition. The results of Kirlian photography or Aura Imaging confirms this observation. While the effects of wearing rudraksha come to be felt rather slowly, these are always of permanent nature. It has been observed that wearing the beads helps to maintain the energy fields of a living organism properly. Although aura imaging has several flaws and inconsistencies yet there are noticeable changes in aura of persons after wearing rudraksha.

To summarize, wearing rudraksha is beneficial to the nervous system bringing in calmness and peace of mind. It controls blood pressure and consequently paves the way for mental stability, removal of stress and helps one to retain a healthy body. 

References : Kamal N Seetha (2014) The Power Of Rudraksha 

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