Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha

Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha 13.00mm-15.00mm


Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha

Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha 8.00mm-12.00mm


Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha

Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha 16.00mm-18.00mm


Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha

Indrakshi Mala Rudraksha 19.00mm-21.00mm



Indra or Indrakshi mala rudraksha is the rarest of all malas, which can be made, acquiring all possible beads from nature. It has one to 21 mukhi, Gaurishankar, Garbh Gauri & Ganesh beads. A trijuti is also added, if available, but is not compulsory. It is said that the wearer of indra mala can fulfill all of his/her desires – both materialistic and spiritual.

Indra Mala can be worn or kept at the place of worship and due care should be taken to maintain it in view of the rarity of the beads. For example, all beads should be firmly fastened with wires or thread and preferably capped using silver or gold for protection of the beads at their mouth or tail. Monthly cleaning of the beads and application of oil as described for bead maintenance should be strictly followed, if the Indra Mala is being worn. If it is being kept at pooja place, then keep some camphor near the mala and make the place insect free.

All negativities, as a result of jealousy, evil eye, ghosts or from the fear of unknown, get removed by using this mala. It gives blessings of all Gods whether in incarnation form (Sagun) or in the Brahma Swaroop (Nirgun).

As people who can afford this Indrakshi mala are either from the rich class and/or are deeply devoted to Lord Shiva, it is difficult to get a clear opinion as to what this mala does after one wears it. Only spiritually inclined and pious people or really rich people go for such investments and they get full return for this in terms of protection, name and fame. People attach several mystical stories to this mala but they may not be entirely correct. However, it is true that those who possess these beads and either wear them or keep them at pooja place with devotion, always retain their top positions in their business or profession.