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A Japa Mala is a set of beads joined together by a string. It is used for the purpose of prayer. Malas are used for keeping count of the matras when reciting them.
The most common Japa Mala in a Hindu or Buddhist religion is the count of 108 beads. The 109th bead is the bindu (stop) or the guru bead.
Japa Mala are made from many materials, but the most common material found in the Japa Mala is the Rudraksha mala as it is considered sacred by all devotees.
While creating malas the number of beads is of utmost importance from the spiritual point of view. These Malas or prayer beads are sacred and create a powerful synergy for healing, spiritual learning and over all well being of a person.
Our Malas are made with high quality Rudraksha beads which helps us attain spiritual upliftment and worldly benefits all in one.

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